the will of a child

My daughter is 7. She is testing out her will power to see how much we'll allow her to get away with. Its fun! No, actually its tiring and disconcerting as a parent. Its typical behavior for her age....right? (please say yes).

Lately I find myself praying in the hallway outside her closed bedroom door. Praying as I count to ten (instead of hollering), praying before I dole out a severe punishment (to make sure I haven't lost control). Praying that everyone will instantly enter dreamland and NOT request the newly discovered hot water bottle as their "bedtime therapy". Don't ask.

When on earth did our daughter become so belligerent and stubborn? Or am I over-reacting? Do we spoil her? Did I talk to my parents disrespectfully when I was in gr. 1? Is that even relevant? Can i get away with locking her up in her room for the next 20 years? Does she love herself? Is she self-conscience? Could I bring in Nanny 911 to help and award us with a cruise?

Question/ Pondering: When is it necessary to PUSH a child for obedience, and when should we be sensitive to a developing will and spirit, and let things go. Its a fine line.  Or is it? 
I think I'll refer back to our small group book study on Grace based parenting, there were some real gems of wisdom in there...
And thank goodness the night becomes morning, and the morning brings a new day.
I'm sure everything will look brighter tomorrow.


Becky said...

it is most definitely a fine line....a line i sometimes avoid and sometime crash through. i'm so thankful to have friends to share the parenting journey with, it's not always what i expected it would be!

Rose said...

I am thankful to here it's not just happening at our house...I have been wondering lately about the changes I have observed in our daughter recently...is it a stage? is it me? We will have to talk, Christine.

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