Yesterday at work my coworker called me "stupid".
Yes, one of my least favourite words in the English language.
....that and the word "retarded".
I think  stupid and retarded  are cruel words
used too-freely and lightly by children and adults alike.

Anyway...interestingly enough, this girl who called me stupid was (i'm really hoping).....
trying to help me.
We were talking about different ways to stand up to our boss, and my coworker
read me as a "people please-er", a "pushover" and "fearful".
Hence stupid.

I'm not about to let that-stick!!
or- bother-me.
The fact that I'm older, wiser.... and as Kathy Bates so eloquently put it in "fried Green Tomatoes",
"have more  insurance"....or-experience... means I can handle my-own-personality-thank-you very much!

Granted, I am a" people please-er" and a very easy target if anyone wanted to take advantage
of me.But that doesn't make me-stupid.

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