clean freak

Our house was put on the market last week, and sold yesterday.
What a process!!
 (word to the wise, don't attempt to sell your home unless you are REALLY serious. really).

Problem is, now that we are finished the "showings" and have moved back in, my tolerance for any extra clutter is very low. Against the backdrop of the steam cleaned carpet, empty bookshelves and bare counters, every piece of paper...every tupperware cup...every kids toy... every pile of books, screams, "out of order! out of order! out of order!".  Its incredible how our glistening, perfectly clean home took less than 24 hours to be trashed. sigh.

Why do people need to use the bathroom or sleep under their blankets anyway? It just creates work and disorder!! Wouldn't life be easier if we had an outhouse and just ate out all the time?

I know there is no use in trying to keep this place looking fabulous. I know there is no way I will be able to limit the use of the bathroom (so sad). I know I can't maintain the beautifully symmetrical displayed dishes in my cupboard by serving dinner on paper plates, and I know that I can't force the children to do "hospital corners" when making their beds (been there, done that-not pretty). A girl can dream though, right?

We wouldn't be "living", if I tried to win that losing battle, and strive to keep the house "show-home" perfect. I'd turn into an evil drill sergeant, demanding the impossible!! I'm closer on the scale to "serious/mean mom" than "fun/crazy mom" as is...so I don't think I'd be doing myself any favours by clinging onto that dream.
Good thing we took pictures. 


Becky said...

this totally describes my life about 50% of the time....trying to keep the most orderly of order, pendulum swinging to completely giving up! ask my kids about the drill sergeant that lives on hampton street. :)

Deanne said...

I don't think my house has ever looked that clean....sigh!!!

Pennerfive said...

But that perfectly clean and pristine house just doesn't feel like home, does it? I can't wait to see the really lived in new Rygiel house that will be coming soon. Just wait till you get your fingerprints on that one! I can't wait!


ashleymarie said...

last week i cleaned the whole house so Dave Kramer could come to do a walk thru and evaluate the value of our house. literally the next day I ALONE had trashed it. and i was so frustrated! but i had no one to blame but me. it is so satisfying to have the house so clean, but so much happier to see it with signs of life!

also, crazy that your house is sold already!! glad i got to visit in it, and can't wait to visit again with you in the next house!!

Rose said...

i trust you will find the right now home quickly after this whirlwind of selling yours! Wow. That went fast!

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