Ode to a garden

10 simple reasons to take up gardening

1. There is no need to coax and threaten flowers to grow and do their job.
2. There are no strategic disciplinary actions needed to get rid of weeds. 
You see them, you pull them out....
(they don't beg for another chance) 
3. People (esp. mothers), can talk to pretty little petunia blossoms in any tone of voice, 
and the pretty little blossoms 
will not cry, whine, or complain.
4. Garden's tend to be quiet and peaceful.  i.e. Vegetable plants do not fight with one another. 
5. A garden cannot be offended, hurt or traumatized. They have no memory.
6. Garden's are forgiving.  They grow and survive even when you forget to feed them.
7. Garden's smell pretty. Their idea of a bath is getting drenched with a hose.
8. Garden's reap and provide positive feed-back, in a short amount of time.
9. Garden's do not move unless you make them move.
10. Watering a garden after a l...o...n...g day, can calm 
 impatient and overwhelmed mothers.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Ahh yes!!! THAT is why I've started to enjoy gardening this year!

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