Mad Men
The t.v. show.
Not something you'd want to watch in front of your children.
Lets just say, the morals in this sitcom aren't exactly.....moral.
there is an outpouring of:
-excessive drinking
-disrespect to women
um......and probably much more.

Problem is, I can't stop watching it.
I have a serious love for the historical timeline of the 50's and 60's (Nixon, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, records, penny loafers, black and white t.v.'s, the dresses, the hats, the toys, the music....need I go on?).
Seeing life depicted during that era, not only in the advertising world of New York City, but in the lives of the house wives, and in the rumblings of the civil rights movement, is incredibe and capdivating.  I find it all so FACINATING.  I'm not surprised the show has won numerous awards...the acting, the "costumes", character development... very well done.

I 'm working my way through 4 seasons of episodes (thanks to Netflix), and so far have reached the mid- point of Season 3. Sunday night I was home alone, and so without having to tend to anyone but myself, I plunked down on the recliner and proceeded to watch 6 episodes. You can imagine my horror when I realized it was 4:10 a.m.! Who does that? WHat a terrible waste of time! The funny thing is, that I wasn't even tired-i could have literally watched all night. SAD SAD SAD.

Now, before everyone runs out the door screaming to the world that I am evil. I do have a reason for admitting this gluttonous, outrageous behavior. A reason for openingly proclaiming that I get a kick out of a show that (unfortunatly) parades promiscuity as chic and unavoidable in our society (actually much like today)......
And here it is:
Never before have I watched a t.v. show OR movie, where a voluptuous, curvy woman was convincingly accepted as beautiful...gorgeous! To the point where media is sitting up and noticing (applauding the casting director). There is a character named Joan who works in the Ad agency (along with all the MAD men), with whom everyone highly respects and admires. She doesn't have a tiny waist, tiny chest or tiny hips......she has curves.  And she looks amazing. STUNNING.
The Actress' name is Christina Hendricks.  Her bio states that she wears a size 14. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

I don't have to tell you that I have always struggled with my "curves".  I look at other busty, larger women and admire their beauty... wish for their confidence and appearence. But I somehow exclude myself from that acceptance..... and not 100% comfortable in my own skin. *That's also what happens when you've  REALLY admired the looks and style of people like Audrey hepburn and Twiggy, ever since you were 13...
Anyway...I am aware (now), that  i will never look like Audrey -unless i live on a diet of cigarettes and celery...and never intend to...STAND. I wholeheartedly accept that this body won't be skinny. NEVER EVER EVER. I've inherited some fantastic Neufeld genes which just happen to secure my body shape for life.
And I'm ok with that.
Yes i am.
(Go Neufeld's!)

Its just wonderful to see a glimpse of the "average woman" on the big screen....
Confident and respected.

I must say, if you decide to tune in next season to Mad Men-or watch on Netflix, I don't recomend taking in a 5 hour succession of episodes. As much as I have enjoyed watching the dynamics of a (somewhat) typical urban family of the 60's...the mutliple affairs everyone seems to be having, makes me sick to my stomach after awhile. The yuckiness of of all the unfaithfulness, creates a strong urge to remove my brain, and throw it into the "pots and pans" wash cycle of the dishwasher!
Or I guess more realistically, it makes me want to spend time affirming my devoted husband, (who looks pretty fierce himself in a suit and tie).
He's always been a fan of my body shape.
thank goodness.


Deanne said...



Anonymous said...

thanks D

Becky said...

cigarettes and celery - does that work??
fun post, Christine. :)

Carolyn said...

LOVE Madmen! =)

Pennerfive said...

I bet Kent gets a great skinny tie and knocks your socks off even more than he has already! I watched the first few episodes of "The Kennedy's" that we couldn't get in Canada on the plane ride over here. Love the style and the feel of the 50's and 60's too..... Must get netflix and get me some mad men and some curvy girls!!!


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