recipe recommendation

This cookbook is awesome. 
really awesome.
i don't have the capacity to write a lengthy description tonight,
but trust me,
its a good one to have in your collection.
(whether you are a Mennonite or not).

100% of profits this year are being donated to children living in the Ukraine.
Back to where it all began....
"Prussia", where many Mennonite families originated. 
So you are helping others, while you help yourself.

The books are sold at Hulls here in Winnipeg, but also at Hallmark stores.
We (Hallmark) received a box of hard cover, signed copies this week,
for $28.95.

However staff have 40% off this weekend.
And if you contact me soon enough (i.e. by Saturday early evening),
 i MAY be able to pick one up for you at the discounted price.
(i.e. i go to store buy a book for 40% off, then you pay me back)
they might be sold out.
things were crazy in there today.

but whatever price you end up paying, I think you'll enjoy the book.

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ashley marie photography said...

i have already made a bunch of recipes from their blog! their paska recipe was a hit last year from all the people i shared it with! I haven't bought a hard copy yet for myself (bought one for phoebe) but I'm sure I will!

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