Its beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

I enjoy a good countdown.
Its important to be aware of how much time one has to prepare.
Yes it is.
Except of course when you have an altered understanding of  how-much-time-one-has-to-prepare!!
For some reason, my mental calendar (whatever that means), is under the impression that we have one more additional week before Christmas.
I still have LOTS of time to wrap the gifts and prepare special treats and meals for the holidays.
right? This can't be the last week?!

I'm sitting here (with my lovely cup of coffee), absorbing the fact that between school ending for the holidays, 3 more evening shifts and a trip to winkler; this morning is really the only time I have to wrap gifts (undisturbed), and ensure that the fridge is fully stocked for Christmas dinner.
Somehow however, like my delusional perception that the Christmas shakedown is weeks from now;
I'm officially convincing myself that everything will get done, and everything will be fine.

So I have to buy some gift bags instead of wrapping each individual present? And so I have to buy gluten free cookies for the school party instead of baking them? And so I have to serve only one appetizer at Christmas dinner instead of my plan for 4.....??
It will be ok.
No one will care or notice. (well, except me, but i'll just  have to tuck away those unmet expectations).

And as I'm presently wasting time writing on my depressing blog that I almost deleted again yesterday morning (but instead added another depressing post....) I found a very neat website that provides many wonderful ways to busy ourselves during the school holidays!  I'm addicted to the "planning" aspect of Christmas and the "planning" aspect of the days when the kids will be bored and asking for things to do. I love to stock up on resources for when my children and I gather around the kitchen table with our glue guns and popsicle sticks...ready to CREATE! Even though it happens maybe once a year, a girl can still dream (and be ready) right?

Maybe YOU could pick up a few tips from the blog and whip up something like those book-page-flower-creations with your 3 yr. old.! Yay! That's a recipe for intense pain....warm fuzzies if I ever saw one. But really, there are some neat ideas...
Here's to another month til' Christmas!!!!

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ashley marie photography said...

for whatever reason I have it in my mind that we have another week to go as well.. mike & i are away now in fargo till thursday night, then I have to work friday... finish shopping, wrap gifts, make jam (my dad's christmas gift.. hopefully!) and do baking. plus much more I'm sure! maybe we should just celebrate next week??

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