"...as long as the baby is healthy"

The day before yesterday I added a button to the blog.
Autism Speaks.
A great site that provides a ton of resources.
I have to admit though, that it was a bit of a step...jump....ok. LEAP for me....
to add the button.
The word "Autism" is a very scary word for those who don't understand the disease.
Or who don't know there is a spectrum of mild to severe autism.

My son has a form of autism (PDD-NOS), but I rarely talk or write about it because...
-I fear that people will misjudge his abilities, or will treat him "differently".
-I feel strongly that some things in my life must remain private.
-My son does not have the ability to respond to what I write.
-(and more than anything) I really want to respect his feelings.

I am not ashamed of autism or its presence in our home.
Quite the opposite really.
I'm proud of how our son has dealt with his limitations and how "autism" has
provided a unique lens for which we see the world.

I'm cautious....
we'll see how this goes.


Anonymous said...

I think it's great you posted that site. This world needs as much help as it can get in accepting and including others who Have different abilities than us. I can understand not wanton Liam to have a label and being misunderstood because of it though. I never knew Liam had a form of autism when I met him and I was overwhelmed by his compassionate and sweet spirit. May these gifts and others he has help erase some stereotypes that autism and other disabilities have.
May you continue to have strength and patience to help Liam navigate through a world that is not always inclusive and accepting.
I think you are a brave and wonderful mom!!

christine said...

thank you so much Deanne. that means a lot. xo

Pennerfive said...

That button looks good on your site - kind of like it belonged here all along.
Just like Liam.


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