Edward Sharpe & the magnetic zeros

i posted this video/song on facebook (because it made me happy and that's what you do these days when you are happy, by golly you share things on facebook and hope maybe one or two people actually read/watch it)... my friends, i felt the NEED  to get it "out there" just a little more. Its a kinda catchy, kinda different sounding song (which is why i like it-and because they use the word damn). Yes, for me, its a "summer song"... proclaiming the worthy anthem that one needs to forget all else to get down and dance!
I must confess my children are forced to listen to Eddie Sharpe. I crank it on our drives out to "the country" while we cruise down the highway.. breathing in the sweet smell of canola and wheat fields, and waving at combines and grazing cattle. It just seems to be fitting.
A Johnny Cash-esque interpretation of folk music perhaps?
The video showcases many varieties, variations, what-have-you..of dance. People who have soul, vision and a ton of rhythm.
Man on Fire (official video) 
... with my one guitar and two dancin' feet.
come dance with me
over heartache and rage
come set us free
p.s. I can't make the video any larger, I highly recommend 
making it "full screen"-gotta see all the great moves and faces. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Christine...

I love your blog, beautiful music, and wonderful summer pics of your kids! Thanks for sharing and making me smile! :)

Christine SH

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