a brief reconciliation

Mornings and I are not friends.

I rarely speak to mornings... and mornings rarely speak to me.
We have a nice system called the silent treatment.
Maybe you and your mornings have a similar relationship?

Today, however was one of those rare, brief, glimpses of a kinship between us...
where upon I considered my non-friendly/enemy (the early, school day mornings) to be
quite kind...and worthy of my attention.
*Packing up thermos' s of hot dogs, raisins and other non creative items in lunch kits, I took a sip of an extremely good cup of coffee!!
you know that first sip of coffee from a dry, parched (MORNING) mouth...when it tastes so good you have to say "ahhhhh"? 
yes. that was today.
{It never ceases to amaze me how the same number of scoops, of the same kind of coffee,
can make so many different tasting cups. This morning we got it right!}

*There were more smiles from the children than tears.

*A certain sweet soul agreed to wear socks AND a toque out the door...without disputing the relevance of such tight-fitting articles of clothing. victory!

*The rays of morning sunshine were blinding and bright -promising me a sunny day.
*I tacked up a crumpled drawing that had been discarded... it made me smile.

*I heard the sweet sound of birds chirping through my living room window (right before they froze to death)

Yes Mornings and I made peace.

For today.

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