time for take-off

its almost been a year since i went on a blog hiatus. a year since i've written anything personal on the world wide web. the break was an intentional one, and at the time i also retreated from facebook, pinterest, twitter and instagram. 
vancouver airport. August 2013

slowly i've come back. only waiting until i felt ready.
its certainly a mental shift going from hibernation to the very public social media world.
but its been good.
in fact, a welcome opportunity to connect with friends and family.

likewise, this morning i felt ready to yank open the privacy curtains of this blog and allow my thoughts to filter out.
i'm a little worse for wear this time around.
a little more worn. (EXTRA worn to perfection?)
a little more scratched up, stained and bruised since my last entry.

i won't share in great detail or depth reasons behind my "extra worn-ness". 
maybe someday. but not here. not now. 
however, hopefully, i will over time be able to capture and write how i am healing, and how recent pain has etched a new song in my heart.

and so....
turbulence or clear blue skies, i'm ready for take off ... (i think).

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