aging attraction

(summer 2010, US/ Mexican border crossing. we were stressed-hoping the mexicans would let 2 van loads of young people in without suspicion or problem...which one of us looks a little tense??)

When you live with someone (i.e. your spouse), you can't help but notice how, and when, they start showing signs of aging. Looking up-close, I notice little brown sun-spots around Kent's eyes (probably from the 30 summers spent at camp...), wrinkles stretched out across his forehead, and white-hair cropping up in his sideburns (most likely from that mission trip....).

I love the fact that Kent is (almost) 38 39(Whoops had to edit), and looks.....older.
I love how he is more attractive to me now, then when we first met 15 years ago. Really!

That "appeal" of his goes beyond the tall, dark and handsome (celebrity double-Vince vaughn) good looks. Its the incredible bonds of familiarity and fondness formed in a marriage over time (and with hard work)....that makes him irresistible! *sorry if this lovey-dovey stuff is making you slightly sick.

AND I'm counting on the fact that my wrinkles, graying hair, sagging parts, and facial hairs... are just as endearing and attractive to him! Thank you very much.


Becky said...

i love that you labelled this 'familiarity'...to know and be known..the passion of every person on earth (i think!). what greater gift than to have that in marriage. (and i like an older man too!) :)

ashleymarie said...

this post made me smile. i'm happy i get to see you today!

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