dry place

It has been awhile since I've visited here, this place of self expression and community.
Can't say I've been abnormally busy, or geographically separated from the world wide web.
I have simply felt a little dry lately. Lacking in inspiration and motivation.
Not down necessarily, or discouraged...just... parched.

So in this parched/dry/boring state of mind I've been reading the book "SexGod-exploring the endless connections between sexuality and spirituality" by Rob Bell, and finding it most enlightening.
Interesting title isn't it?!
I read this portion yesterday, and it struck me how weak my resolve can become when I spend too much time WANTING... 
"When we are not at peace, when we aren't content, when we aren't in a good place, our radar gets turned on. We're looking. Searching. And we're sensory creatures, so it won't be long before something, or somebody catches our attention.
And it always revolves around the "if" doesn't it?
The idea creeps into our head and heart that we are lacking, that we are incomplete, that this craving in front of us is the answer.
The "if" means we have become attached to the idea that we are missing something and that we can be satisfied by whatever it is we have in our sights. There's a hole, a space, a gap, and we're on the search. And we may not even realize it. When we are in the right place, the right space-content and at peace-we aren't on the search, and our radar gets turned off." (p.73)

So comfortably and effortlessly, I live on Discontentment Street, inwardly complaining about how much I lack and need. And sadly, most of the time, not even noticing how much, and even WHAT I'm craving or unhappy about.
I guess that's why its so easy, when one is down or unhappy, to fall into the traps and lies of lust and discontentment.

I pray that I seek gratitude in my life..and then offer it up to God.
He will help me become refreshed.

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Carolyn said...

hmmm . . .thank you for posting this, Christine. I really resonate with this feeling. I've become more and more aware of how much I overload my senses, my mind, my need to "fill" spaces or "soothe" discomfort. I think gratitude is a key part of "settling" my heart and mind.
May I'll give that book a read =)

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