For years, a friend of ours, who happens to be a counsellor, has been offering to meet with me to "talk".
There have been many occasions where we have prayed together and visited together...but just as friends.  We've never really taken on the roles of "therapist" and "client".  My insecurities limited my ability to see that she WANTED to give me guidance, and I let my fear of becoming a burden, overshadow her graciousness.  So in all the years I've known her, I've never taken her up on her warm invitation.
Until now.
I felt an unmistakable nudging to open my heart to her. To unpack the boxes of confusion, and resentment, that I'd been so awkwardly lugging around. Yesterday morning, I threw out any silly notion about being "needy", and went for that much needed session.
Her words of wisdom lifted layers of ignorance from my eyes and my heart. She showed me where I'd had inappropriate expectations, and been causing someone dear to me a great deal of pain.

My friend provided wisdom, clarity and truth.
She directed me to hope. Weightless, freeing, HOPE.

The loaded sense of selfishness, confusion, and resentment is gone.
Thank goodness..... one less thing to move into our new place.


ashleymarie said...

i'm so glad
i had the same reservations about meeting with someone very willing to meet with me. and everytime i feel like a weight has been lifted

Rose said...

Thankful you were blessed by talking to your friend. It's no easy to be so vulnerable.

Carolyn said...

So glad for you Christine. Safe people are true treasures. . .that reach the depths of your being.

Deanne said...

Hope...weightless. Resentment..heavy! I like the way you worded that. So glad that you were able to open up and that it paid off! I agree with the other comment that said safe places are true treasures!

Leah said...

And it takes so much courage to let that weight be lifted. Being vulnerable, honest, and teachable takes a lot of bravery! It is truly a gift to have wonderful people in our lives that can speak wisdom and truth to us. So thankful that you got rid of some boxes. :)

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