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My mom told me about this book, after hearing the author interviewed on CBC radio.
Its about a goose...."Gus", who is "direction impaired", and can't do (fly in the right direction) what come's easy to other geese. Comparable, as intended by the author, to a learning disability of a child. What seems straight forward to one child (reading, spelling), might be a great source of anxiety to another.

My son wants so much to be "the same" as his classmates. And in many ways he is. However, I sense there is a small flicker of shame growing inside his little soul each time he's pulled out of the classroom for speech therapy or spelling, or when his anxieties overcome his perception of a problem. Liam may excel when it comes to math or historical facts, yet in other areas of the gr. 4 curriculum, he faces a great deal of difficulty.

Part of this struggle stems from the fact that his speech-delay messages certain words back to his brain incorrectly. Which then makes spelling out those words (especially those with silent letters), almost impossible for him to figure out. Thankfully, there hasn't been any serious bullying or teasing from his classmates, but his own frustrations and anxieties produce negative thoughts and self-talk. L often tells me during homework, that he feels stupid and dumb.

If it is appropriate, I may buy the book and leave it out for Liam to read on his own. Books are such a wonderful tool for generating conversation, aren't they? and this is topic, of accepting ourselves, is one that I can't talk enough about.

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Deanne said...

May your sweet boy always have friends in his life who accept him for who he is and recognize all his wonderful gifts. Praying Liam will be filled with confidence and that the Lord would help him with his anxiety and frustrations. My oldest was in speech therapy last year and I am anxious for the difficulties she may face now that she is in school. You are a great mom Christine! Accepting others is a great topic. Hoping you will be encouraged to continue on strong as you advocate for Liam.

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