getting settled

 after you've successfully moved (all those crazy boxes) into your new 
when does it start to feel like home to you?

 after the beds are set up, and nobody is sleeping on scattered mattress's?
  when the stereo/ipod/radio is hooked up and begins to
 fill the new rooms with familiar music?
when you see your art or framed pictures up on the walls?
or is it simply when your coffee pot is plugged in, and churning out a good cup of joe?

we've been in our new place for over a month now,
and honestly it doesn't really feel like home yet.
i'm not unhappy here, but at the same time i don't feel like this space is "mine"...you know?

i'm wondering if its because we plan to stay here only temporarily...
and i've intentionally left boxes unpacked.
maybe i just need to give it more time (and a few more pots of coffee).
 it really hasn't been that long.

what helps you feel at home in a new house?


Becky said...

i find it takes around 6 months or so for me... i know it's finally "home" when i've been away and i envision myself coming into THAT house; or when i know where i am before i open my eyes in the morning. :)

Pennerfive said...

I like it when the house finally starts smelling like you and your offspring. Stinkiness and all. You know when you walk in the door and it just smells like you?? That's when it feels like home.

I hope your place has that Rygiel Scent wafting out of it soon!


Rose said...

I think you make a good point - b/c you know you are staying there for only a year your mind probably will not give you that "settled in" feeling b/c you know you have to uproot again...

I agree about the Smell thing - once it smells like "your family" it will seem like home:)

Joy said...

I am waiting for the final move for us - so your question really makes me wonder what it is. I have appreciated and loved each place we have lived in for the last year and a half almost - but that being said - I can hardly wait to unpack my packed up stuff (unless I can get someone to just drive the semi trailer away!) and knowing that I will not move again for a very long time. When we were leaving Anola, I was taking pictures of the truck convoy as it left our house. Josh was in the third truck and he stopped and said "Mom, it is just a house." I think Home really is where your heart is and where laughter and happiness and family all come together within. BUT that being said - I do look forward to unpacking and being truly settled!! (and not living out of laundry baskets!) Strength to you dear friend!

Audrey said...

When I can find the bathroom, in the dark of the night, without having to turn on a light. Seriously.
That and what Becky said in her comment. When I'm away, and I think of home, and picture where I'm currently living, then it's home. Ironically, this comment from someone who hasn't moved in 11 years, and expects not to move for another 40 years or so. ;)

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