completly irrelevant and random

i'm not usually terribly interested in photography blogs. Most likely because i'm not a photographer and have no incentive to "pick up tips." However, as I was perusing the web (started here), i found myself on the blue lily photography blog.
Again, I have no deep desire to look at other people's wedding photos, well, of course unless i know them...
but the photo of the red canoe with the bride and groom floating on a lake....THAT caught my eye.
And i was struck with the completely impossible, irrelevant, weird thought...of  THAT's exactly what I would have loved for OUR wedding photos (way back in the 90's). Don't they look lovely?!

oh well.
too late.
like i said.
maybe for our 50th wedding anniversary....
or something.


Becky said...

i wanted to get married on the beach at FBC - a canoe could have totally been part of that! pretty pictures. :)

Angeline Schellenberg said...

It looks nice now, but at the time she was probably thinking, "I can't get this dress wet! Stop rocking!"
I say, don't wait till your 50th! Do it for your 25th. I'm already planning an "I can invite whoever I want and have as much fun as I like because no one else cares about this day but me" re-ceremony for our 25th anniversary.

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