pinterest finds

i love pininterest. whoops correction...PINTEREST. no i can't spell.
i literally do nothing with it of course, but i love it anyway.
For example, i find myself "pinning" a lot of tutorial lessons for mason jars...decor, storage, display...however never actually dusting off my jars to try the suggestions.

yet i keep pinning (not pining) away, because a) i like to waste time, b) i enjoy organizing images that catch my eye into themed categories and, c) its fun to pretend that SOMEDAY i will learn to sew, or make, or buy all the beautiful things i admire....d) stop panicking, this is not a multiple choice test.

so here are a few "best of's..." from today's pinning session.  
hopefully by clicking on the image you will be linked to its original source.

best  DIY projects 
best recipes that i might actually try
best "dream" kitchen (aka: best "i'll always just be dreaming this..." kitchen)

best images that made me smile
no source for this adorable "motherly instincts" picture

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