all you need is love! and a memory.

There are some advantages or "perks" to working at Hallmark.
Staff get first dibs of all the wonderful holiday cards and crap seasonal nic-nacs, and collectibles..... 
that are displayed 2-5 months leading up to the actual holiday.
And I LOVE cards, so i enjoy helping people pick them out. I also love hearing people's stories...why they are buying a sympathy card, or a baptism card etc. Most people are very open, and I've had the chance to meet and visit with some interesting people in the store.
"Val" ( that's hallmark-speak for valentines, so you know...) cards are unpacked and strategically on the shelves January 2nd. So those bright red, pink, and velvet bits of decorated card-stock stare back at us from across from the cash for weeks and weeks. Its not torturous, but when someone buys one of the valentine plush toys that coos and sings, or the spanish speaking stuffed bull, we all do an inward whoop and a cheer.  One less animated, noisy creature to listen too and look at!!
ok its not  THAT bad---I actually fell in love with the spanish bull (Fernando?) who promises to "luff you forrrr-everrrr". Just can't justify buying it for kent for some reason. maybe for myself?
The problem is that it the holiday loses someone of its charm, when you watch other people preparing for it. I lost track of time during the Christmas season.... Christmas Day seemed to come out of no-where! I kept thinking we had another month to sell/find the limited addition collectable Hallmark keepsake ornaments, and neglected to buy Kent a christmas card in time.

*side note: I haven't heard Hallmark-speak for easter yet....i'm guessing its going to be "east".

Ok so, I made sure I bought Kent a valentines card immediately after they were put out. So that was good. This time I would be ready! But alas yesterday night when he came home with flowers, chocolate and wine (extra points for the wine!), I mistakenly thought he was presenting me with a gift of repentance...we had argued for the first time yesterday, and i naturally thought this was his way of saying sorry. But no! it was my Valentine's Day present! 
ohhhh right..
tomorrow is valentine's day.
i had forgotten that valentines wasn't just making sure the children signed their name on 56 miniature cards for their classmates. I had a sweetheart. or "LUFF-UUR" as Fernando would say. I could be a part of this celebrated holiday too!
Sadly I forgot where I put his valentines card, the one that was bought and hidden back in January.

Maybe at "East" i'll get it right.

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Becky said...

so funny! i totally thought it was a spanish-speaking BALL... not sure a bUll makes more sense. love that coffee cup card - so perfect for you!

sorry to hear you & kent had your first fight. i guess it was bound to happen eventually! ;)

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