good afternoon!
have you cleaned out your dishwasher?
i haven't. i did have a great cup of coffee though.
i make my coffee pretty much the same way every morning, and it rarely tastes the same.

i had a doctors appointment this morning in st.vital. DAKOTA medical clinic.
there are a lot of stores in that area where i can buy gluten free food.
so i popped into vita health to look for bean flour and tapioca starch.
they had neither.
but that didn't stop me from spending money.
two bags of groceries for $82.31 to be exact.
have i mentioned gluten free products are expensive?
i asked the sales clerk if there was some kind of customer rewards program (you know, so i can come back and buy more of your mixes and pasta for $90 a bag...) at the store.
nope. not really.
i guess i wouldn't have had to buy the organic bananas.
they were just sitting there and we need bananas. i didn't feel like driving to safeway and getting out of my car again to save a dollar on bananas.
i like to cut corners that way.
I had to buy the hot chocolate for $6.99 though; non gf hot-chocolate has/have diglycerides, a preservative with gluten.

don't you feel like celebrating after you've lived through a physical exam? not a physics exam...but-a-phy-si-cal.  just so we're clear.
my doctor asks his patients to take EVERYTHING off for the pap and then lie and wait under a thin sheet.
it actually felt more like a gigantic kleenex.
i couldn't stop thinking about the fact that i forgot to shave my legs.

my justification for spending $80 on a few frozen goods just became clear to me.  i spent half the morning lying naked under the worlds largest tissue.
i was in shock.
i probably deserve a quiet weekend away to recover.
too bad the clinic doesn't have a customer rewards program.

its a good thing i like my doctor, or else i would put off these sort of appointments
all together.
he's a pretty laid back guy.
we often have a chuckle together. especially over my mental health.
.........let me explain.
he told me a while back that i was looking good (i was deep in the muck of my depression).
i said "oh thanks! feeling very flattered.. "i actually put make-up on this morning".
he broke out into this loud laugh and said "Christine, i meant your over all appearance, like your demeanor."
i told him that made me feel dumb.
and he said he was sorry.
he and i are BFF's.

have i mentioned he looks like liam neeson?
i kid you not.

i am thankful for my doctor (seriously) and for a healthy cervix(seriously).
do you shop a lot on-line?
i like to. kent isn't a fan.
so we meet halfway. if i want to buy something we look at it together.
it seems to make him happy when he has some sort of input.
fine by me.
we "shopped" at old navy a few days ago.
and this was delivered to my door this morning.
isn't life wonderful when society caters to your agoraphobic-type tendencies and fears?

have you seen your doctor lately? you should go.
you might have a little laugh together.
no my doctor does not take any new patients.

have a nice day.


Carolyn said...

oh Christine you made me literally laugh out today - THANK YOU! =)
Especially the "I spent half the morning lying naked under the world's largest tissue"!!! - oh - that was so great!

Anonymous said...

My only question is why was there not a bottle of vodka in one of those bags? The LC is in the strip mall too!


christine said...

you're always looking out for me karla. totally forgot about the LC.

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