A day out.

I decided to drive down to visit my parents in Winkler.
Its an hour and 15 min. of precious quiet time.
I love it.
Just me, the highway, and Johnny Cash.

Once i pulled into town, I decided to make the most of my visit and pop into the M.C.C thrift shop.
I always find something.
And this trip didn't fail to live up to that truth.

Here are some of the treasures I discovered...
1. Records sell for 10 cents at MCC. I always buy records. This time I bought 3.
Nana Mouskouri: Songs of the British Isles. in honour of my wonderful job at Lions Manor Adult Day Club.
Nana was usually a hit during our "walk a lap" program, or my chair-exercise program.  I do miss those friends of mine. Great people. Maybe I'll put Nana on the player and do the exercise routine all by myself.
Mantovani: Continental Encore (otherwise known as.... "elevator music"). I will most likely never listen to this record...unless of course I had people down for a Lawn bowling party, and we were all gathered on the lawn....bowling, wearing white slacks and sipping martini's.
If that fails to happen, I will use it purly for the visual enjoyment.  You may come over any time to spend time looking at it....perhaps you can figure out why the lady has her scarf tucked into the bottom of her dress??
The Winkler Mennonite Brethren Choir : Praise the Lord with Gladness,
Lasst Uns Den Heiland Froh Erhoehn record.
My mother sang in this choir. So really, I had no choice.
"Listening" to the choir singing on a sunday morning from the church balcony, was such a delightful time in my youth. This record will do a fine job of bringing it all back -glares from my mother in the choir loft when I was too busy whispering to notice we were praying....or the time my Dad had to stop his sermon mid-sentence to give me "the look". Needless to say, those kind of incidents were effective (didn't really want to go home after church...). I'm still self conscious if a choir sits up in front of me for the entire duration of a church service. I try my hardest to sit still and behave.

2. Mennonite Brethren Hymnal. $2.00. I've been looking for one of those green beauties for a very long time. There is rarely one in good condition at the MCC. but this time I was in luck!

3. Hangers for skirts and one for scarves. .40 cents each. These will last a lifetime (probably already have lasted for someone's lifetime)...they are solid! If there was a fire in my house, these will be the first things I grab. The first.

4. Package of paper goods that included stencils, old sheets of printing paper and scribblers- $1.25. There is never enough doodle paper around here for the kids. I can't justify even paying $1 at the dollar store for cheap construction paper, when I can get arm-loads at the MCC for so much less.
Thrown in with all the stationary booklets and paper, I uncovered some old paper dolls, brand new black pad of paper for gel-pens, card stock and an unopened pack of index cards. Gotta love surprises.

5. Vintage valentine cards with envelopes. 25 cents each. My plan is to mail one to the kids, and maybe one to my brother in Sask. as a little friendly hello.

6. Handmade flannel duvet cover in perfect condition for $3.25 (most expensive purchase of the day).
Washed and all ready for Bronte's bed (in the damp basement). Flannel is the ultimate in cozy bedding, and duvet covers are not cheap! So I was happy.

7. Vintage patterns, 5 cents each. I have framed patterns before, not sure if I will do that with these.  I don't have a "sewing room" or know how to sew anything other than receiving blankets. But I have promised myself that someday I will attempt to sew clothing from a pattern (maybe not the overalls though....?).
8.  Package of 10 old rulers (because one can never have too many rulers, and some of them are REALLY old)- for 10 cents.
9. Quilted table runner in fall colours..30 cents.
11. An OLD nursery decal (that I can't decide if I find creepy or cute). 10 cents. If I end up throwing it away, won't be losing a whole lot of money.

12. Baby food jars-I bought 6, for 10 cents each.
I think I'm going to try to make these cute yellow lego heads for L's birthday. That is...if he goes with any sort of theme and it happens to be LEGO!
Pretty sweet aren't they?

And, that's about it, my 45 min. of shopping the aisles of M.C.C... in a nutshell.
An all around great day.  Especially the visit over lunch with my parents. I need to do that more often. 


Deanne said...

MCC shopping is my idea of a great way to spend a day. I would love to spend a Saturday hitting a whole bunch of them in the province. Have you ever gone to the one on Johnson and watt?

christine said...

I've always wanted to do that too!!! I've been to the one on watt, there is some good furniture there. I've also darkened the door of the morris MCC and Steinbach (which is my favourite one). I think Niverville and Altona have them one as well? Maybe a person could plan an entire women's weekend of thrift shopping. Some women plan "craft weekends", we could organize a "southern Manitoba-thrift weekend"! A girl can dream.

Becky said...

sounds like a lovely day out! you got yourself some really great finds. :) those lego heads are the cutest!

i would totally go on the trift-spree! there's gotta be some cute little b&b to retreat to after a grueling day of hunting.

ashleymarie said...

I love MCC shopping days. Deanne - my go to one is the Johnson & Watt location (mostly because it's closest). I always leave with an armful of stuff :)

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