a time of reflection, reconciliation, preparation.
40 days

If I chose to give up something for Lent, can I also choose to give something for Lent?

I am selfish and needy.
I live a plentiful life.
I am human and sinful.
I want to give something of myself,
whether its a phone call, time, a visit, my attention,
a meal...
I want to DO something
I want to have a servants-heart.
I feel the need to give~
mE. somehow.

I'm feeling a bit anxious about this already.
I don't want to push myself too far out of my comfort zone,
(like my fear of using the telephone?)
but at the same time I want to intentionally respond to
Jesus' gift to me. to everyone.
His love and sacrifice!
grace and forgiveness. 
And that may mean doing something that doesn't come easy.

For week one: Give of my time and write encouraging words and scripture...
to a friend, to a stranger, to a child, to a missionary, to a family member, to our prime minister, to my pastor....
in the form of a letter
paper, pen, envelope, stamp.
mailed and delivered.

with the message of God's love.

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