well its Monday.
and a shroud of sickness covers our house.
wanna come over??
kent is the sickest of us all (apparently he's near death).
poor guy.

did you know that its not a good idea to take strong cold medication and then relax the night away with
a glass of wine?
you did?

even though I am not feeling 100% I still have this urge to go thrift shopping.
I actually have steinbach, on my mind....
and MCC.
STEINBACH MCC, my favourite store in the world.
yes it is.
i am thinking about vintage pillow cases (sweetness)...

and pyrex bowls (beautiful).

Let's not forget the Mennonite Museum 
 with its main street and old country stores!
I would love to do a Steinbach day-trip.
maybe we can plan something?

Speaking of menno's (i know its hard NOT to), did you know that Winkler now has a museum??
They surely do!
My history loving father helped spear-head the whole project.
I think its really brought the community together- as many people have donated personal items to display. There is a pump organ, old washing machine, clothing and uniforms, toys, depression era dishes, school desks, horse blankets, pictures, radio's....
I was impressed.

Perhaps if steinbach's day trip is a success, we could extend our drive and hit the rest of southern mantioba!?
Morris MCC, Winkler MCC, Winkler museum, Twisters for burgers/fries and a malt!!!!!!
whew! I'm getting carried away!

lets start there.
goodness, now i'm hungry for half a dozen vereinke with thick, salty gravy and farmer sausage!
where can I get me some of that?
(nothing like a bit of grease to erase cold and flu symptoms.)

Nah ya, have a happy day!


Deanne said...

I'm in, let me just get a sitter!! Honestly I think we really need to plan a Manitoba thrift store day that for sure includes vereinke. I know we could fill a van of other thrift store lovers. Now I am calling my mom to ask her why she ever got rid of her rooster Pyrex set! Hope your family is on the mend soon!

christine said...

i know we've kind of rattled this idea around a bit already...but i do think it would be fun! :)
maybe in april we could get some MCC fans together. and make it official.

ashleymarie said...

I am in!!!

Leah said...

me tooooooooooo

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