a decade!

This was me, 10 years ago.
I was very pregnant....can you tell?? and heading to the hospital to be induced.  I was 15 days overdue with my first full-term baby, and VERY ready to get...the...show...on...the....road!!!!
I actually remember not leaving the house after about the 8th day overdue, because I got tired of random people asking when the baby was coming.  "geesh people, I DON'T KNOW!!!" (we were living in winkler so it was hard to go anywhere unnoticed). Alas the pregnancy hormones were not kind to me, as I gained 50 lbs (granted I was on bed-rest for half of the pregnancy), developed lots of acne and grew a larger nose.

Ah, but having recently lost a baby at the half way point (4.5 mons pregnant), and then having to deal with the uncertainty of this babies life...I didn't let my faltering appearance steal any of my joy! And, wouldn't you know it, hours after giving birth, my nose noticeably changed back to its original proportions. strange! I. am. a. freak.
Finally home from the hospital, we attempt to take hand and foot prints. I'm looking a tiny bit sleep deprived.
Yes, the first few years of his life were INTENSE, but also full of many, many happy moments. Of course!
Papa reading "Franklin". A favourite picture.
Liam was SO much fun and had the cutest little laugh. 
We lived at the Winkler Bible Camp for part of his 2nd year. It was wonderful having the large grassy fields as our "back yard" and room for him to run around.  
Liam thinking he's playing along with Daddy.
Most of our pictures from Liam's first birthday party are blurry because the little guy just wanted to run around with his Clifford balloon. Nothing else really mattered to him. I remember being all stressed that he wasn't playing with the adults or taking time to eat his cake.  Now i think, who cares??
(rygiel photography)
Liam hasn't really stopped running since those first formative years.
I know I'm the only one to get nostalgic because I am his mother and all....but looking through the old photo albums and baby books, I feel so much gratitude.
Happy 10th birthday to my Liam Josiah.
I can't wait to see what your future has in store.


Pennerfive said...

I ADORE the baby pictures of Liam! I wish I would have been more connected to you then, as I missed out on those enormously squishy and wonderful baby cheeks. Thankfully, Liam still lets me touch his cheeks now! He is something, that Liam Josiah. Full of life and love to the brim. I wonder what another decade will look like on him? Can't wait to find out.

Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Liam! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your precious son!

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