Jesus calms a Storm

This sunday its my turn to teach the preschoolers (age 2-4) "Children's Church" during the regular worship service.
I LOVE this class.
I love how they look.
I love how they sound.
I love how they pray.

We all sit around a tiny little table on tiny little chairs.
They look at me.... squirm a bit..and smile.
I put on my super-excited-happy-face, clap my hands with wild delight, hug myself a bit, and say something profound like..."oh, oh, do you know what happened yesterday?" (eye's wide, mouths open)...
"I changed my favourite colour from BLACK to PURPLE!!"
ooohhhhh ahhhhhhh...they say, not comptely understanding what i'm talking about, but they like my face!
(the parents on the other hand look at my travel mug wondering if i'm hiding something in there that isn't black, hot or caffinated-if you know what I mean).
I then whip out something bright purple (because you have to have props),  and ask them what colour elmo is??!!!!!!!!
and we all get along famously.
Its an Oscar quality performance I tell ya.

so anyway.
Our lesson for sunday is "Jesus calms the storm".  Mark 4:35-41
i have a very nice seg-way from swapping Sesame Street stories, to Jesus.
Its called snack.

About the story.
The disciples and Jesus fishing on the sea of Galilee.
A wild storm starts.
The disciples FREAK out, especially when they see Jesus having a nap
in the middle of it all.
They wake him up frantically.
Jesus questions their fear when they know
the Son of God is on the boat with them!
Jesus demonstrates his power over the wind and the seas.
"Peace be still", he says. And the waters became calm instantly.
A miracle.

I love how this story from the bible applies to us today.
We may not be anywhere near a lake or an ocean,
but we all have raging storms in our lives.
I know that sounds cliche', but its true, right?

Storms that tear up everything familiar or dear to us.
Storms that leave us bitter and tired and depressed.
Storms that destroy and consume.
Taking over every part of our life
We are left powerless.
We are drowning.

Within those storms, there is the promise of hope
No matter how horrendous our storm, Jesus gives us peace.
We forget He's there sometimes, or we get quickly overwhelmed
We feel we are the only ones who can keep water out of the boat.
We try to do it all.
We freak out. We panic.
Just as the disciples did in the story.

This is what we (myself included), will be colouring in class.

But the bible gives us the picture of Jesus; 
standing and boldly facing our biggest fears for us.
Reminding us of who is in control.
"Peace, be still".

I'm wondering if I should bring some sort of inflatable boat or kiddy pool along to the class...

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