a picture of worth

In true CHRISTINE style, I added more to my post to get my point across. 
you're welcome.
there are times  i'll skip past reading and checking out a new blog because the writers picture looks too perfect.
(wait 5 seconds)
Eiye, I am but a fragile female... (read with a Scottish accent, don't ask why).

Yes, a brief glimpse and....  click .....the blog disappears.  
too pretty, too skinny, too successful looking, too glamorous...not worth my emotional time.
Or rather, i don't (in that moment), have the heart or strength to read on, because my thoughts are:  insecure. sad. fragile. (eiye)
that girl looks too perfect to have experienced anything short of success and applause. OR. i'm not half as put- together...i'll just feel worse after reading this. so...


 She will make me feel bad.
Insecurities stop!!!
Why am I so quick to make those connections between beauty and success? yes, yes...its the society that we live and breathe in...the culture that we make decisions in...the marketing, media mayhem that projects the wealthy, thin and stylish as the most deserving and THE BEST!
Such a cruel, cruel lie.
But one that can easily be bought into when our resolve is weak and we are already feeling low.

I do become downcast about the successful and elevated pretty folks, but immediately thereafter I also get mad. frustrated. and fed up. Those incredible success stories we read about...talented and gifted anonymous regular joes (i.e. average weight- overweight, average hair) are discovered and make it to the big leagues. Yay!! We all cheer for the underdog!! But then 1 month later we see him/her on the cover of People magazine, 45 lbs lighter with a "whole new look". No longer average looking.  Ok i get it, now there is money where money wasn't before so wishes are granted and some changes are made. but the weight? Is that NECESSARY? Does this Joe/Jane, average human, made mega-star feel that the world will not take them seriously if they are overweight?
Answer: yes.
I hate that.

so you can imagine how thrilled i was to find this post.
This woman is taking the kind of stand that I love and long to see!!!!

This is another great"hello!!" reminder for me to stop comparing myself to anyone on the Internet.
and be aware of the kind of unhealthy and damaging assumptions i subconsciously make.
I'm so grateful to see that Erin was not afraid to "hide" anymore. No one must feel they need to conform to societies pressure of looking a certain way to be taken seriously. no one must. we have a choice.
people like Erin help me make that choice.

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