what do you do when your day looms over you with inadequacy and fear?
sing? sleep? walk? smoke????
what do you DO to find some respite from your fuzzy thoughts and frustrating fatigue?
order something on-line? drink coffee in your backyard?
seriously, i'm curious.
tell me, is there anything that CAN be done?
besides the usual...going to your doctor,  taking medication, resting, going for counseling, exercising and crocheting miniature doilies.
perhaps you just wait it out, praying for the morning to bring strength.

a friend i've made through mutual friends and connections, shared with me during one visit that her Dad struggles with depression. I was very touched that she felt safe and open to share that with me.
she said that one way he had learned to cope with the disease was to memorize scripture.
he would lie in bed, or go about his day reciting his favourite verses over and over, again.
that helped him.

today i feel so frustrated and agitated. so full of fear.
i tossed and turned in bed this afternoon, not finding peace.
i sensed despair seeping up and threatening to cover me...
it scares me.
so i texted a friend, i emailed another friend,
i drove to the dollarstore for my trusty XXXXL ziplock bags (they were out).
and I read this.

i hope you have a place of shelter today.


Becky said...

a verse beth moore pointed out in the video yesterday that i've been mulling over (might even memorize...maybe):
Hosea 6:3
"Let us acknowledge the LORD;
let us PRESS ON to acknowledge him.
As surely as the sun rises,
He will come to us like the winter rains,
like the spring rains that water the earth."

Leah said...

What I like to do and what I did when times were hardest, was just walk outside. There is something to just putting one foot in front of the other. I'll walk with you any time friend.

Carolyn said...

Oh Christine, I'm so sorry you had that kind of day . . .I know those days too well, and that looming cloud of heaviness. Aside from trying to "do" something with that kind of day (like going for a walk, write, draw, drink coffee on my back deck, bake, sleep, watch mindless tv, phone a friend etc.) the biggest chunk of work I try to do is to be okay with that kind of day and to be gracious and kind to myself (and please know that because I'm writing this doesn't mean I'm good at it).
Love the post on Judith's blog . . .that quote has helped me through many of those days . . .

Deanne said...

Good question Chrisitne. I used to never be honest when I was having those kind of days but I am getting better at actually telling Anson or someone else. I often need to get out of the house, even if it's just for a walk to the store. I things that I probably could /should do things that would help more but sometimes those things overwhelm me even more. I never pictured myself even having days like that. That might be one of the toughest parts about it for me. Does that make sense?
I love The verses Becky posted and will copy them down today.

ashleymarie said...

i bake, or play the piano or attempt to go for a walk. and sometimes i just sit there, hoping it'll pass.

christine said...

this is all really helpful for me. thank you. if you think of something else to add, keep it coming! there is so much to gain from knowing i am/we are not alone. thanks for your insight and honesty. xo

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