i have never bought a card for myself before.
(have you?)
i decided to purchase a befitting one as a "gift to myself".
although initially it felt a bit odd.

i buy myself special coffees, clothes (sometimes) and books,
just as a treat..so why not a card?
i promised myself that every year in May
i'd buy something small-
a little memento,
a little gift to be tucked away.
to represent.

its not that i really need a reminder of the pain from that
day in may so long ago.
yet i want the anniversary of my miscarriage to remain
a part of me.
we talk about the baby once in awhile as a family.
and kent will never forget.
but i need to revisit this alone as well.

So buying the card is my private/public acknowledgment
of something very significant.
(no, i'm not going to write in it...although i guess i could)

Do you also collect things to remember? have a significant place (street, coffee shop, tree) that is symbolic? maybe you have a special song(s) that serve to remind... or you have a picture placed somewhere you'll always see it?
(This friend, and this friend also remember someone dear and very loved.)

Bless you as you carry those memories close to your heart.

"Memory....is the diary that we all carry about with us."
Oscar Wilde


Becky said...

sounds like a beautiful way to remember a treasured life!

Deanne said...

Thinking of you as you remember!

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