We said goodbye to Kent and his team this afternoon as they left to do 2 weeks of mission work at the Agua Viva Ranch in Ensenada Mexico. I feel so excited for the team consisting of 10 (correction) 6 youth and 4 leaders. They are about to experience something really incredible!!
This afternoon at the church before they left, I ran around hugging as many of the youth as I could...felt a tug in my heart wishing that we were going along- yet i know that it wasn't meant to be, especially after my dad's death.(I need to be home this summer).
It will be an incredible experience for everyone-I just know it!!

If you want to follow Kent and the youth group from our church, you can read the emerge ministry blog, 
Below are some pictures from the last time we went to Agua Viva in July, 2010. Maybe our family will go together next time around...
 the welcome sign for us in the dining hall at the ranch.

 The Agua Viva ranch is surrounded by beautiful hills. On top of one of these cactus laden hilltops is a large white cross.
 The dining hall being renovated. The group this year will be in the new facility!
 Mexican staff serving us our meals every day. Such beautiful people.
Our friends Jeff and Ineke. Americans who at the time were full time staff at Agua. This was right after a breakfast of eggs, tortilla's and of course...beans. Please join me in praying for the safety, unity and work of our team from Winnipeg.

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