Dad is needed

I put a few more miles on the car today and drove our youngest up to Faith Bible Camp. A beautiful camp out at Victoria beach where Kent is working as this weeks camp director.
As much as I try to create fun, full, planned days with the children in his absence, there isn't anything quite like time spent with the real deal. Time with DAD.
When mom attempts to be funny or silly (like dear old DAd), her children look disturbed concerned instead of amused. When mom attempts to "play" video games with the children-as DAD loves to do, she is politely asked to quit mid-game so that it can "really be played." well! When mom attempts to tell bedtime stories like Dad, she again comes up short because she just isn't as "interesting".  SO, let it be known that I cannot be mom and dad to our two beautiful, sweet, endearing, tiring, hungry, bored, electronically-addicted...did i mention hundry? children. I just can't.

Thankfully I won't need to invest a whole lot more time trying (whew). As of today, the calendar has been turned to August, and with that progression to a new month comes the promise of a family reunited. Yay! (*until I take off for my own personal vacation*) Yay!

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