Winnipeg Winters.
Can't say there are too many endearing qualities about them...
the skies are clear and the days are bright
sunny skies are nice.
too bad you can only enjoy them
from INSIDE your furnace-cranked home or workplace.
i love winter.
Seeing this made me scoff chuckle...

tricky i say.....
The only way to "embrace" our frigid temperatures of -35 (with wind chill making it feel like -69)....
is to dress in layers (throwing away any hopes of looking "stellar" while waiting for the bus- dressed in large puffy parka, ski pants, your husbands large toque and mismatched mittens-oh wait that's just me), wear wool (m.c.c in winkler sells new "woolen mittens" for $2!!! I always stock up because by February we rarely have a matching pair).
*wool lasts forever.... and reminds me of England (where they may NOT have life threatening blizzards but do have their share of bitterly cold winds).
And of course we must keep a ready supply of afghans, quilts, covers, blankets and comforters.....

(ready to provide warmth)... draped over furniture, over our beds, in our closets, our car, desk at work, possibly our purse, our child's back pack for school recess... yes,
EMBRACE the day my friends. Be ready.
DRESS WARM and smile at the sun.

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