"Good morning!!!!! Thank you for calling Stella's Bridal. Christine speaking, How can I help you?"
I took some pics of Stella's today for my mom...she wants me to send her photos of the store ("my workplace") because she has never been inside to "see me in action". I quote.  (thank goodness).  Personally I think she wants proof that i'm actually on staff as a RECEPTIONIST...i.e. a person who spends most of their day on. the. phone.
I guess her lack of faith in my ability to operate a telephone has something to do with the fact that I really hate to answer my own phone....let alone be solely responsible for answering two lines for 7 straight hours. (when two lines simultaneously light up I imagine I'm working one of those huge switch boards from the 40's. plugging and unplugging lines.... and really wish I could answer with a thick New York/  Bronx accent.."could ya hold a moment? I got someone on the uh-thah line ".
For some reason I refrain.
Yes, its true I'm not a huge fan of the phone. But money makes us do crazy things sometimes.
don't it?

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Anonymous said...

I loved this one. For some reason. The bronx accent, my own dislike of the phone. Who knows.

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