Bit by bit. A few random thoughts.

Slowly but surely the boxes are cleared away and our posessions are organized. Its labour intensive but incredibly rewarding.

Liam remarked the other day that he felt "claustrophobic with all the mess". (He is getting quite proficient articulating his feelings).

There is goodness to be found in this transition.
-we have very friendly neighbors. People living on either side and accross the street have welcomed us to Charleswood.
-we are already enjoying the mature trees and flowers on our yard (a dream come true).
-driving to work (for me) is only taking an additional 5 minutes.
-Mail is delivered right to our door step! We are used to biking or walking to a communal mailbox. This is a treat!
-Kent can come home for lunch on my days off.
-We are no longer in the land of "inbetween"...living in a home while we wait.....for another home.
It feels wonderful.

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