I've been feeling overwhelmed (as i just mentioned in my last post....no, nothing has changed).
I detest that feeling. Its like a bad taste in my mouth that just won't go away.
It makes me wallow and think only of myself.
I hate it.

We sold our home quickly, for which I am incredibly thankful. The last home we tried to sell (5 years ago), sat on the market for 2 months. And with a baby and a busy toddler under my feet, it was torture to clean and prepare last minute for each and every (pointless) showing. SO, this recent experience of selling successfully within a short period of time, was a blessing not to be overlooked or forgotten.

However (there is always a however), even with the positive selling experience under our belt, and the prospect of finding a new home, I am still fighting off the urge to head down a path of discouragement. Every morning, I wake up to the weight of "what if's" and "what''s next?" pressing down, threatening to take over and capture every thought.
I don't want to fixate on something I can't control.
I don't want to obsess about finding another house.
I don't want to feel sorry for myself.

I'm trying to remember (actually memorize) the words of Philippians 4:8, where the bible tells us to think intentionally about things that are "excellent and praiseworthy"...
and that has brought reassurance. (I really should write that verse down 50 times and tape it all over my house-so it really STICKS).

Then yesterday, a package arrived in the mail with the book "one thousand gifts", by Ann Voskamp.
I had ordered it before I hit this slump, and now it seemed like its arrival was perfect timing.
An answer to my prayers ....
Its like a treasure map disguised as a hardcover book.
Inside each chapter is an opportunity to redirect my gaze, and thoughts, from the "poor me's",
to a new place and home of refuge and peace.
A place of gratitude.

Can't wait to start.
Have you read it?

By the way...I paid 10$ for this book.
Free shipping anywhere in the world, from the Book Depository.
NOT a bad deal!


ashleymarie said...

glad you found a good deal on book depository, it is my FAVE.

i am mid way thru that book, i have found many encouraging tidbits in that book so far. i put it down temporarily to read something much more fictional (aka harry potter) and have been in a whirlwind of reading that.. but i have it sitting beside my bed, eagerly asking to be picked up again. i hope it is a good read for you!

Anonymous said...

I have heard good things about that book and just recently (a few days ago) thought about the premise...of writing down things that I am thankful for. Thanks for the reminder, and let me/us know some of the treasures you find in that book.
Jeri-Anne :)

Deanne said...

So cool that the book arrived just when you needed it. I also HATE the feeling of being overwhelmed. Must remember to turn to Phillippians!

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