pruning away the worries (and any mysterious looking plant life)

My little garden patch in the backyard did not get the usual crop of vegetables and flowers planted this spring. I literally threw a few sunflowers seeds along the fence line, and then planted a couple dozen sweet smelling marigolds and petunia's to provide some colour. I was able to enjoy the pretty rewards of my intensive planting regime initially, yet after several weeks of HEAT, low and behold this is what happened...
Can YOU see the marigolds? I can't see the marigolds..... (Think stain commercial). 
A massive clump of greenery that hardly resembled sunflower plants (more like a cross between a tomato plant and a weed), GREW and completely hid my sunshiny faced marigolds from view.
What happened?
My (limited) gardening instincts told me these were NOT a new kind of self-populating/pollinating sunflowers (?), yet I refused to pull them out. I felt it would be a waste to kill such an interesting plant, and secretly hoped they were actually tomato plants that had miraculously grown from sunflower seeds.....(have i mentioned I haven't been feeling well lately?).
Then today, for some unknown reason it dawned on me that perhaps that logic was ridiculous!! Interestingly enough, I also realized that there was a parallel between keeping those silly plants in my flower garden, and allowing my personal crop of useless worries to linger and grow in my brain.
Sadly I've been worrying about the future lately a little too much.
To the point where I can't sleep, and seem to walk around a bit dazed.

And so...there was only one thing left to do.
I marched right up to those overly confident (smug) sunflower/tomato/weed plants, 
and ripped them right out. 
It proved to be quite satisfying.

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Leah said...

Christine, this post made me laugh and laugh. You are one fun lady!

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