eye ya yigh

well it would appear that we are just cruising through the week.
thursday already.
wasn't Sunday just yesterday?

i had pink-eye last week.
have you ever had pink-eye, or conjugantusiomopnhyfinitus?
(i think that's what its called).
it has floated through our home twice now since christmas.
but each time, we've managed to capture that silly bug, bacteria or virus....
(where's my medical dictionary?)
before it took over the eye completely.
We basically just had to deal with a lot of clumpy, stuck together eyelashes and itching.
nothing that looked too scary.
man,  i'm starting to itch again just writing about it.

kent is off to Youth Quake tomorrow morning with a van load
or at least 2, young people.
too bad more kids arn't going!
it is seriously a blast.
except the year i slept in the hallway of girls dorm and was trampled
by a stampede of 15 and 16 year olds at 6 in the morning.
not so pleasant.
i'm surprised i didn't come out of that with some sort of brain injury.
Ah, but the great worship music, great speakers, great food, great gift shop....
totally overshadowed my sleep deprivation.

i decided to take the children to stay with my parents for the weekend.
and announced that at the supper table last night.
Brontë told me flat out that she refused to go.
In fact she said that she'd rather stay at home alone.
well, that's not going to happen....
Because the LONG drive always feels like torture.
first of all, its an hour and 15 min.
and second of all, - do you even know what torture means?
end of discussion.
i might have to bribe her.
we'll see what my mood is like saturday morning.

isn't this sweet?
i love it.
currently i do not have a library OR a garden.
but that's not the point of the saying.
(i think)
the print is called, "the sweet life".
you can't buy happiness.
the simplicity of a good book and a flower bed can bring contentment.

i'm just wondering how i could discretely add "coffee" in there.
take my old green sharpie pen and tuck it in after "garden"...

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