i just have to say that i am tired of being tired.
i have absolutely no energy.
yes, i could go for a walk (since its a beautiful day and all).
i could go downstairs and play "just dance" on the wii.
i could get off my butt and walk up and down the stairs 20 times.
i could do a lot of things.

but right now i am too tired to even consider those options.
that really makes me sad.
life is so short and here i sit,
feeling like everyone is doing well with the life they've been given
except me.

its just "one of those days".....
that i'm really sick of having.
and i sound like i'm begging for a pity party.
i wonder what red bull would do for me?
it would probably make me aggressive.
i can just see myself fighting for a school parking space,
and punching out one of the moms.
that would liven things up for me.
my children would disown me...
but.... i would be burning calories. right?


Becky said...

I'm laying on my couch where I have almost ALL day! I totally relate. I'm telling myself it's this virus that's moved into our home.... This too will pass, right? RIGHT??

Pennerfive said...

I wanna see you ON Redbull doing Just Dance. Let's make a date. Or we could just lie on the couch drooling and talk about doing it.

Signed -

Damn Tired in BC too

Leah said...


Deanne said...

This is how I feel today!

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