trick-y question

there are days when I have to WILL myself to open my mouth to brush my teeth.
there are days when the bathrooms are dirty but the thought of cleaning them doesn't even occur to me.
there are days when the thought of stripping down to nothing and having a shower seems impossible.
there are days when driving to the school at noon so my daughter has her own version of a "hot lunch"
overwhelms me.
there are days when our fridge is bare and we need food, but I have wait to make the shopping list until I feel "ready".
there are days when I change all the bedding and wait for some sort of applause.

there are days when I wonder how much is the depression, and how much is laziness?


Pennerfive said...

Hello dear friend. You know I've asked myself (and you!) this tricky question before. Funny about the bedding and applause... I usually say to Mike when he gets home and I've actually done something "I washed the sheets today!" and he must get all excited and encouraging so that I feel extra special and hard working. Let's tell ourselves we are not lazy. I will tell you and you will tell me. And maybe we'll start to believe it. Christine - you are not lazy. I can't wait to be back in wpg so I can tell that to your face and sit on your couch in your (maybe) messy house!!

xo to you.

Leah said...

I want to hang out with you and Karla. :) Isn't it strange how some days it is difficult to do everything and other days things come so easily? I'll be praying for an easy day for you soon. Love you.

Carolyn said...

I will single handedly applaud you every time you make your bed, let alone change your sheets!! =)

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