Yah don't say? aka: new job, coffee and life in general.

-I have worked at Bethel Place for a total of 6 days and am enjoying it immensely. I've met 15 Anne's, 5 Helens and 12 Jakes. The last names of the folks range from Braun to Zacharias, with a few Janzens and Rempels sprinkled in the mix. I am in familiar territory.

-There is a convient Starbucks drive-thru on Taylor 2 min away from the doors of Bethel place, I find that extremely handy. The people at Starbucks are very friendly.
I have started listening to cbc 98.3 whenever in the car.

-I got locked out of the house last Thursday (when everyone else went to see the HOBBIT). Walked to Indigo and drank coffee while reading a wonderful book for 2 hours.  Felt a bit stupid trying to break into my sons basement bedroom window though (this was before I decided to walk to Indigo). Wonder if I would have fit thru it after kicking it in...? 

-I do NOT like the blond roast at Starbucks, and can't figure out how my mother and two brothers can claim to enjoy it. Lets face it, I must have been adopted.

-I really need to send out a family newletter to catch (distant) folk up on the recent Rygiel changes. I dread the conversations that begin with, "i thought you were building a house?"....

-I think my husband gets more and more handsome the older he gets. I truly hope we move into Bethel Place in 40 years and turn into the couples I see walking down the hall to supper, holding hands.

-Kent and I celebrate 15 years of matrimony this May. Crazy. We are driving to Minneapolis ("Anthropologie-town" as I like to call it) for a few days to celebrate.  He'll probably watch TSN in our hotel room, while I read a book...but we will be together...like an old married couple should be.

-I haven't been to IKEA as often as I thought I'd be going, now that its in Winnipeg. I've gone a total of two times. Go figure. I think its the revolving front door that is keeping me away. Whats up with that?

-I wish dad was alive so I could talk to him about my job....and of course other things. He is absent from our lives. Still so bizzare.

-The older I get the more I appreciate life.

-I wish my mom lived in Winnipeg or we lived in Winkler!!! We need to see each other more than once a month (sometimes its 2 months when our weekends are full). She gets cheered up when the kids are over..wish I could give her that.

-I LOVE the tv show Parenthood. I literally cried through every episode in the first season (thanks netflix for the ability to watch them back to back). Fantastic writing.

-Funny Face is playing at Silver City cinemas starting today!! Man do I wish I could go and see Audrey and Fred dancing on the big screen (in Paris no less). Funny Face was her "big break"....the world loved her after it came out.

-I have a biography about Audrey written by her son, and apparently she hated her face. She didn't think she was pretty at all. So she focused all her energy on dance, even through WW2 when she was very poor and incredibly young. Her ability to dance is what got her the job in this film.. AND i believe her beauty and charm. 

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Audrey said...

Loved this post!
- Happy for your new job among the Annes, Helens and Jakes!
- Charles watches Discovery while I knit. It's bliss! :)
- I miss my dad and your dad too. Oh, the things I'd love to tell my dad.

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