Friday morning song.

In an attempt to "broaden my brain" and gain a new found appreciation for "the classics", canadian artists, up-and-comers, and be treated to a dj who is well versed. (like this guy), I turn the dial to 98.3 fm. cbc radio 2 on my way to work.
Sometimes the songs are admittedly.... a stretch. They sound unfamiliar or down right depressing i.e. Leonard cohen's tunes (I know, i know how could i not love leonard cohen??-don't tell my brothers). I keep listening however -so don't judge (broadening the brain takes discipline).

There is always a reward in the morning mix though, a song that i can sing along to or one that takes me back to my years as a discontented rebel rouser (i was dan-ger-ous back in the day). Sarah macLachlan, REM, Barenaked Ladies, indigo girls.....yes!
And yesterday, a bright and fridgid thursday a familiar little number  played that I like by the band "boy".

Lets call it a Friday morning song...in honour of the weekend.
Here she is...
youtube vid.

Thanks cbc. I'm a fan.

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