Questions: (reflecting on my last post).
Can we FORCE ourselves to develop an appreciation for a particular kind of music?
If we have never had an affinity for ....lets say country music, can we do anything to genuinely change that?

I'm wondering if my quest to morph into a cbc groupee is more about cultural snobbery.....wanting to be deamed "cool", than "broadening my mind" and challenging myself?
I wonder.
Maybe I'm having a mid-life crisis?! Standing between the life of a "young-er mom" and a pre-menopausal 40 year old (of which I have yet to become) and yet not really fitting into either world.
Not sure I like sitting on the idea that I have to change myself....my clothing, my hobbies, or my taste in music at this point in life.

Of course this is yet another overly analytical offering of print both unnecessary and redundant. But I think its a nice epilogue to yesterdays post....and I feel better having worked absolutely nothing out.

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Anonymous said...

hmm I hear you on this one.

I used to "hate" country music - mostly just so that I could sound cooler than those who liked "twangy" country music. however, I started listening to it, and before you know - I was a country music lover!!

there are however other things that I listened to because they were "cool" or what my "cool friends" listened too.. and then one day I realized, "this actually sounds awful to me!!" and i threw all of those CDs out.

i figure just be you - you're cooler than you know.

xo ash (i'm using my moms computer, thats why i'm posting as anonymous)

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