To grasp....

My attempts at creating a cross for the Easter display at work started and ended quite smoothly! (i document this fact because it is important to celebrate small victories). But as I attempted to wind elastics around a ruler in order to straighten the twigs (do NOT roll your eyes), the petty annoyance of its imperfect appearance brought a realization home. The realization that i was actually recreating a symbol of death.  An ancient method of torture and execution.
(A rather serious but necessary note)

My sweet little twiggy cross was not  being displayed for the sole purpose of DECOR.. to fill an empty space on the mantle. Rather the shape and symbol of the cross was meant to bring to mind a story of sorrow and pain. Somewhere along the line of work related seasonal to-do's and trips to the Dollar store I jumbled up the brevity of the cross with bunny window clings and colourful egg-trees.

Easter is the celebration that gives us hope! Hope beyond the crap/pain/burdens we all have in life...
I wish it didn't take the obvious-staring at twigs and tree branches to recall the suffering Jesus experienced at Golgotha, to willingly wade in pools of painful images of his sacrifice on the cross.
But it did.

(Btw my next post will be a follow-up TuTORIAL. Yes. It will.)


Becky said...

yes, hope comes at a cost.

thanks for the reminder.

Rose said...

I just spent some time catching up with your writing/life! Glad you are back!

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